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SMS Bomber

SMS bomber is one of the best application if you want to send mass prank SMS to someone’s phone without revealing your identity to them.

It’s fun to use this application for mobile devices and can be downloaded for free.

We have a complete tutorial on it which explains how to download SMS bomber and install it on your devices without any problem.

This app has many names on the internet such as SMS bombers, text bomb, text spammer and prank text sender all of them are basically same.

Many people are searching for free text message sender anonymously. Meaning if you use the text bomber there might be a chance of your number getting leaked in the process.

But if you use the SMS bomber apk which we have linked to then you are safe, we have already tested it and its working absolutely fine. If you would like to know more about text spammer, then read the full article below

SMS Bomber: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About.

What is SMS Bomber?

SMS bomber is a mobile application which can be used to send unlimited messages to victims phone to just prank him. Until you stop sending the messages, it will keep coming to the victim’s phone. That’s is what SMS Bomber is. Most Text bombers will work on only Android devices as the compatibility of the software is not that great for iOS users.

How to Use Text Bomber?

It’s not very technical to use the SMS bomber apk. The setup is very straightforward as you do with other external apk’s. You just need to install it on your phone and enter the number of your victim whom you want to send bulk SMS and press the start button. It is as simple as that.

Does SMS Bomber cost money?

SMS bomber is absolutely free to download but when you install it on your phone and start sending SMS, At that time your service provider will charge you for the outgoing SMS’s. So the answer is yes you must have particular free SMS plan to use the software freely.

Is Text Spammer Safe to use?

This is the burning question to many of you. So let us answer, SMS bomb as an app is safe to download and install on your device.

As you know, we only provide tested and working apps at, but you should also be knowing that if you are using a service provider which is very strict with their policies related to spam, Then it might be risky for you to use the text bomb app.

As these telecom companies can detect that if someone is abusing their system and for that, they can even stop your services for using it as a text spammer.

Whether you sent your friends prank text messages or real ones, your service provider will not care, and you can easily get screwed.

Can I use text bomb website?

You can use text bomb websites available on the internet, But most of them are non-working, You might find something working, but they are having bugs and issues in their system, So we instead recommend you that best solution would be SMS bomb application for your phone.

SMS Bomber Minimum System Requirements

SMS BomberRequirement
Android4.0 And Above
Disk Space10MB
Root AccessNO
Internet ConnectionNO

SMS Bomber Features Explained

  • SMS Bomber is readily available to download and use no restrictions.
  • Non-technical Installation and setup
  • Send unlimited sms’s if you have SMS package with the service provider.
  • Call bomber also included if you want to use it.
  • Custom Sender option now customize the sender number
  • Fast upgraded servers no lag
  • Regularly Updated

SMS Bomber for PC/Laptop/Mac?

If you want to use the SMS bomber for pc, then you need to use the online websites, which can send messages using their service provider network. But let us inform you it might cost you money, As these websites would be sending sms’s through their network which requires money, According to our research its best to use the text bomb mobile apps.

How to Save Yourself Getting SMS Bombed?

So what if your friend now came to know about the trick you were using to send spam text messages in bulk to him. What if he started using this app and now you are the target? How would you save yourself from this spam SMS bombing attack?

Let us solve this problem for you….

There is one option in this application which can protect your number from getting spammed by others. It is called Text Spammer Protect Number; In this option, you just need to enter your number and forget. Even if someone targets your number, the application will not send you these spam SMS messages. This is how you can save yourself from getting SMS bombed.

Who is the developer of this app and how to contact him?

This app is developed and run by Udit Karode if you search in google you can get his website and his contact details, but only contact him if you are interested in business related queries at his website. He seems to be a great app developer and maybe having some more apps under his name.

Legal Disclaimer about SMS Bomber

This app is developed and distributed for free in public to only prank your friends or dear ones. Do not use this app if you are not sure about what you are doing with it. Its only for educational purpose and it should be used in that way only. is not responsible for any losses or legalities it occurs while using it on your phone or online.